Heroine Disappoints Mahesh

Posted : July 29, 2013 at 2:05 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Whenever Mahesh Babu’s film is being worked out a lot of attention is put on the choice for heroine. With Mahesh’s style and charming personality someone very good looking and sexy can only suit him. Recently there was a strong talk that finally Mahesh found his perfect heroine.

She is none other than Bollywood beauty Deepika Padukone. Many were stating that Deepika was approached for Mahesh’s next film ‘Aagadu’ and the deal was going through. But now it looks like nothing of that sort is happening. Latest updates say two heroines are required for the film and the first female lead could either be Tamannah or Shruti Haasan.

There are also reports that the second female lead is also getting confirmed and it could be Aishwarya Arjun, daughter of senior actor and action king Arjun.  Whether Deepika said no to this film or if she is having some dates issues no one knows but it will be disappointing not to see her pairing up with Mahesh as she would be the dream heroine for the prince.