Heroine caught in Airport with a Bullet

Posted : February 26, 2014 at 11:07 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Rakul preet recent actress of Tollywood and Bollywood faces her worst nightmare in a domestic airport which makes her cry for more than 4 hours. Rakul preet was leaving for her shoot and reached a domestic airport but she was stopped by police and they asked her to leave all her language for checking. 

This sudden inspection from officials brings tension in Rakul preet, when she tried to find out what happened and what’s the reason behind the check up they said her that they found a bullet in her lap top bag. That was the disaster moment for Rakul to react on it as she doesn’t know how that bullet  came to her bag. 
Rakul was kept a side for more than four hours and she called her dad as her dad was a military man. But police officials confirmed that it was not an Indian bullet. Rakul finally finds that it was a dead bullet and that bullet was used for her previous shootings where she kept that in her bag. This whole drama ends up with a happy ending for Rakul and she was set free.