Hereditary war on silver screen

Posted : December 4, 2012 at 1:21 pm IST by ManaTelugu
In the early days film industry used to enjoy the family atmosphere with no show of ego or power from top stars. However with the passage of time all those values are thrown to dustbin with many only interested in moneymaking. During olden days even during any dispute, people used to solve the issue amicably in a cool atmosphere in closed doors. They used to encourage fresh talent keeping in view that flow of talent is good for the industry in the longrun. Even when a new comer used to come up there never used to be any show of jealousy.

However all that changed once the entry of 3G heroes. In their quest to scale success heights in short span of time they used to highlight their dads and grand fathers achievements thus starting star wars on silver screen which even spread to fans of different heroes. Now the family feud turned to fan feud in full scale. Fans in their frenzy tear their shirts and get engaged in scuffles during the releases and spend time in jail later. Heroes are not bothered to rectify the situation lessening the tension.

Many wonder why these hereditary street fights on silver screen. Movie lovers know the talent of the legends and their descendants. So it is better they prove their talent in their performance.