HE is Boiling Star!

Posted : September 26, 2014 at 7:48 pm IST by ManaTelugu


After ‘Burning Star’ Sampoo rocked T-town with his instincts, it’s turn of Boiling Star. Well, if you’re wondering who this new Boiling Star is, it’s actor Pruthvi. Pruthvi who sizzled with his popular one-liner “30 years Industry” in Krishna Vamsi’s acclaimed film Khadgam, is now going to be seen as “Boiling Star” Babloo in Gopichand’s upcoming film Loukyam.

Director Srivas has a knack of delivering neat comedy and introducing nice characters. Srivas has apparently etched good role for Pruthviraj in Loukyam. We hear that it’s going to be Pruthvi’s best role. “Pruthvi who is referred as 30 years Pruthvi will be referred as Boiling Star after the release of Loukyam,” shared writer Sreedhar Sreepana. Pruthvi is said to be excited with his role and looking forward to this commercial entertainer. Looks like, new Boiling Star is born in T-town.