HC upset with leaks: Kiran may resign after ‘T’ decision

Posted : July 22, 2013 at 1:44 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Things appear to be happening fast on the Telangana front. On one side the Congress High Command –  particularly party president Sonia Gandhi and vice president Rahul Gandhi are said to be upset by the presentation of the Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy opposing the state bifurcation at the core committee meeting leaking into the media. It is learnt that the Congress High Command got intelligence reports on the leak and found that the leak was caused either by the Chief Minister himself or those close to him, at his behest. On the other hand, Kiran also is said to be determined not to preside over the bifurcation process, should the High Command decide to create Telangana.

Kiran is domiciled in Hyderabad. He was born and brought up here. Still if he were to get back to Assembly it would be the Andhra Assembly and not the Telangana Assembly, as his constituency is in Chittoor district. By championing the Telangana cause, Kiran would land in political wilderness. By resigning, Kiran could make a last minute attempt to stall state bifurcation. Even if he could not, he would emerge as a champion of the integration efforts. Both ways he would be a hero.

In the core committee meeting, Kiran while opposing state bifurcation, gave several convincing reasons. River water disputes, spurt in naxalism and communal forces rising their ugly heads are some of the noteworthy reasons he had put forth. He made a powerful one-hour presentation explaining why the state should not be divided. He also tried to meet Sonia Gandhi personally and present the case, but could not get her appointment.

Making a presentation was alright. Congress High Command told all players that they would be free to air their views, as the very purpose of the meeting was to know their opinions. But all the leaders were told to abide by the decision of the High Command. The party leadership also told them to keep the happenings of the meeting highly confidential. But details of the presentation of the Chief Minister had made their way into the media. This is what has upset the High Command.

Sources say that the Chief Minister was not worried about the High Command being upset about his stand or the leaks, as he had mentally decided to quit. This would be the only way for Kiran, if he were to remain in politics, say observers. He could continue as the Chief Minister of the state, presiding over the bifurcation process. But that would seal his fate in the Seemandhra region. People of his constituency or any other place in the Andhra region would not accept him. He would neither be accepted a leader in Telangana and might not even find a constituency to fight election from.