Has Asin got a Boyfriend !

Posted : June 29, 2013 at 6:08 am IST by ManaTelugu
Asin, the Mallu beauty who made it big in Bollywood, has not signed any new projects of late even after featuring in few Rs 100 Cr projects. Surprising, is it because she doesn�t have any influential boyfriend or godfather in the industry?  �I�m glad I have made it without a boyfriend or a sugar daddy, without a godfather. I have come this far even though I had no remote connection with the industry� says Asin.

Asin who is from a conservative south Indian family doesn�t believe in dating or one night stands. �I would never have a night stand. I wouldn�t act on the basis of pure physical attraction or temporary satisfaction. Any relation requires emotional investment. I wouldn�t even entertain the thought.� quotes Asin.

What is her take on Love? �Love is non-selfish. Love is to extend oneself to nurture the overall development of the other person. Love means sacrifice and it�s always about the other person – even if you�re not a factor in that person�s happiness� is Asin�s philosophical view.

Does she have boyfriend?  Asin claims she doesn�t have one and not even looking for love at this point.

Any particular reason?  �I need to find someone who�s compatible and who understands me. I�ve never experienced love at first sight. There can be lust at first sight but love is beyond that. Everyone looks for love and so do I. But everything has its time and place� says Asin.