Harish-KKR’s Basti Mein Sawal!

Posted : March 18, 2013 at 2:26 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Kiran kumar Reddy our Chief Minister, is considered as hailing from Rayalaseema despite his protests that he is born and brought up  in Hyderabad.  There was affine opportunity or him to demonstrate the correctness of his credentilas.

The other day when the no-confidence motion was being discussed ,in the  Assembly, tempers ran high, and at one stage Harish Rao  of T R S , patting himself on the back, said that he caught the collar (apparently of the Chief Minister as no underling could deliver ) and saw to it that funds were allocated to Telengana region.. 

Some time later, fed up with Harish Rao’s tirades, the CM in a fit of disgust  (?) said that he would not allot even a rupee to telengana, and added “do what you will” (Of course realizing his folly he immediately toned down and made amends) He also added to make his point. (I am also a Hyderabadi and I know how to meet these challenges”

It is now understood that the TRS is thinking of bringing in a privilege motion against the CM against his intemperate utterance that he would not release even a rupee to Telengana, “do, what you will”.  It is indeed an appropriate case for citing it aa   a breach of  privilege.  And it would be ausing for us, the onlookers.

I wonder whether the declaration by Harish Rao that he grabbed the collar (apparently of the CM) and got funds released for Telengana  does not give rise to a  similar privilege motion?