Handicapped hero’s quest for hits

Posted : October 5, 2012 at 1:32 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Chiyan Vikram is extremely popular in Tollywood for his versatile acting and performances. He spellbound all in films like Siva Putrudu and Aparichitudu. While in Aparichitudu he connected well as person with multiple disorder personality taking on corrupt officials, in Siva Putrudu he attracted all as a graveyard keeper getting to terms with the society. He won national award for his performance as a dumb graveyard keeper. Even in Naanna he touched the hearts of all with his performance as mentally retarded father trying to bring up his daughter.
However his mass entertainers like Majaa, Veedinte and others failed to generate the interest of movie lovers. Even his film ‘Sethu’ he attracted movie lovers as a road side goon falling in love and turning mad. Now in his recent film ‘Siva Tandavam’ he is out to exact revenge as a wronged RAW officer who turned blind in London bomb blasts.
One wonder why only Vikram’s handicapped roles are liked by people while his other roles are rejected by movie lovers. Even Vikram knowing his fans tastes are getting confined to these kind of roles. Hope Vikram though excel in this roles take care that his films will be fast paced with action just like Aparichitudu. Otherwise quest for success by this handicapped hero will continue.