Govt prostrate before violence

Posted : October 21, 2012 at 11:03 am IST by ManaTelugu
Rulers of the State (be it center or state) main duty is to protect the lives of the people and take care that private or public property will not be damaged. Across the world, Govts follow this principle and crush any violence with keeping strict vigil. However Indian Govts center or state will prostrate before violence even if it means compromising on security of the nation.
Even protesters known that to make Govt heed to their demands however unrealistic they may seem, the easy way is to indulge in violence damage public and private properties. They also are fully aware that even if they protest peacefully they can not get the attention of the Govt or the concerned authorities.
Recent developments in the state of Andhra Pradesh shows that protesters who indulge in violence and cause heavy damage to public properties will be awarded with whatever they want and even police will not book cases on them. Even when they book, there will be pressure from Ministers to do away with cases in the name of sentiments.
It has taken such a turn that even lawyers started joining these protesters and are attacking holy  institutions like high courts. This shows how low Govt is stooping low to prostrate before violence and trouble creators compromising on security of the people.