Gopichand was Interrogated by Telugu TV Anchor

Posted : July 11, 2013 at 5:28 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Hero Gopichand was literally harassed today with the over talkative nature of a popular news reader. With the release of ‘Sahasam’ scheduled for tomorrow, our hero tried to share his views on the flick with media, but got annoyed with the way this lady questioned him.

Asking questions related to story, characterization, budget, director, heroine and others, this lady is telling all the answers herself even before Gopi opens mouth. Rather making it look like an interview, this one looked like an interrogation. Those who watched it on TV also got shocked by the way our top channel’s popular news reader went unprepared to interview a star like Gopichand.

‘Why are you doing adventures after marriage’, she asked, to find out why our hero is doing risky feats after his marriage in Sahasam. ‘If we keep on worrying like that due to marriage, we can’t even take a single step forward’, pat came the reply from Gopichand. ‘But you have to notice that Sahasam is shot prior to my marriage’, he smirked. Q&A like the above literally don’t project like an entertaining interview.