“Golden Hen” lays Golden Eggs or Not!

Posted : July 12, 2013 at 1:21 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Non Telugu audience must be wondering as to what Bangaroo Kodipetta means and for them it literally means a golden hen. Well, the “golden hen” is most likely to lay eggs in the month of August as opposed to the team’s plan of releasing the film in mid-July. Now why postpone the release? The reason is still not known.

Nevertheless, Bangaaru Kodipetta features Swathi and Navdeep in lead roles and also action-choreographers Ram-Laxman and Santhosh Shobhan will also be seen playing vital roles in the film. The film is being made under the Guru Films banner produced by Sunita Tati and is directed by Raj Pippalla, while Mahesh Shankar has rendered the music.

Bangaaru Kodipetta revolves around three different stories that culminate towards the end and is hugely publicised as a rom-com. The makers of the film claim that the screenplay and classy performances are the USP of Bangaroo Kodipetta. Let us wait and watch if this “golden hen” in fact lays golden eggs or not!