Geetha Reddy not cooled by Kodandaram

Posted : November 15, 2012 at 6:49 am IST by ManaTelugu
Professor Kodandaram, TJAC Chairman strongly criticised Minister Geeta Reddy for not trying for the formation of telangana state. He wondered how could she was born to her mother Eswari Bai a great leader who fought for telangana formation till her last breath. He even advocated to burn their hands so that they realise their mistakes.
This created furore with all dalit organisations lambasting Kodandaram for his statements. They even burnt the effigies of him in various places. Kodandaram later tried to cool tempers by tendering public apology and even calling the minister personally.

However this failed to impress Geetha Reddy who furiously questioned who was Kodandaram to issue diktats. She even said that he is a forward caste Reddy who is trying to show is power by controlling dalits. She said he insulted her, a dailt woman and this shows how he regards dalits. She said the whole incident showed his true colors and even after the formation of telangana upper caste political leaders will try to crush dalits and other backward castes under their iron legs.

She questioned he has no moral authority to ask her resignation and asked how is he still continuing as professor. She asked him to first practice what he preaches to others.