Geetha Madhuri secret surprise party photos

Posted : September 4, 2013 at 5:49 am IST by ManaTelugu

Of late, when two celebrity couple in love talk something opposite to their life, rumours are spreading out that all is not well between the couple. Recently hot Telugu singer Geetha Madhuri got affected by one such thing when media rumoured that she is unhappy with her boyfriend.

Singer Geetha Madhuri and hero Nandu have publicly confirmed that they both are in love. However when the pictures from our singer’s birthday party failed to show up Nandu, rumours have spread that Geetha and Nandu are at loggerheads due to some unknown issue. But our hot singer has put a full stop to all such uneasy talk by releasing the pictures of her secret surprise party arranged for Nandu on his birthday. Our beautiful lady made Nandu cut a cake and proposed to her soon-to-be husband in style.

All the gala happened without Nandu having any prior information that he will be cutting cake in front of all of his friends in the evening. So, what else is needed to prove their unending love for each other? Rumours, take a break!