Geetha Arts Chewing Young Minds???

Posted : September 25, 2014 at 1:16 am IST by ManaTelugu


Of late, Geetha Arts became ‘creative hub’ as Allu Sirish said it sometime back, but this ‘hub’ is literally chewing minds of youngsters, if we have to go by the insider talk. Though almost 6 scripts are being discussed with 6 teams every day, output seems to be minimal. Many aspirants are walking out from the ‘hub’ after spending considerable and quality amount of time there.

Almost a bunch of aspiring directors, guys who have worked with bigwigs like Sukumar, Vinayak, Sreenu Vytla and Rajamouli, are spending time at Geetha Arts office, preparing various scripts and giving narrations to producer Bunny Vasu and hero Allu Sirish. With heroes like Sirish, Varun Tej and Saidharam waiting for right scripts to get their career into a happening track, Geetha Arts is trying to cook stuff as ‘huge’ as possible.

An aspiring director who is travelling with this office from 6 months says, ‘Everyday we’re bouncing a new idea to be added to existing and approved story-line and they are suggesting changes. No one knows if our script rolls like a project one day, but whole time is being spent here’.

Already directors like Vijay Kumar Konda and Pawan Sadineni worked at Geetha Arts office similarly before finally walking out and finding a new hero and producer. Let us see what Geetha Arts will say about this.