Gaali Patam Movie Review

Posted : August 9, 2014 at 1:36 am IST by ManaTelugu

Rating : 2.75/5
Movie Title: Gaali Patam
Cast: Aadi , Erica Fernandes , Kristina Akheeva , Rahul Ravindran and others
Directed by : Naveen Gandhi
Produced by : Kiran Muppavarapu, V
Banner : Sampath Nandi Team Works, Los Angeles Talkies
Music by : Bheems Cecirolio
Release Date : 2014-08-08
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Director Sampath Nandi, who is waiting to wield megaphone for Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s film Gabbar Singh 2, scripted story and dialogues for Gaalipatam, besides producing it. This movie is out in theaters now


Karthi (Aadi), Swathi (Erika) are a young married couple who works for a software company and are considered as best couple by their friends/colleagues. However, there is other side to their relationship being struck in their past love and each of them having a love story. They stay together not because of love but for responsibility. Into the flashback, Karthi is in love with Parineethi aka Paru (Kristina Akheeva). While the former wants to get married to her, the latter isn’t yet ready for relationship and this leads to their breakup. On the other hand, Arav Reddy (Rahul Ravindran) loves Swathi deeply but the latter caring for her parents gets married to Karthi of their choice. Back from the flashback, Paru realizes her love for Karthi and Aarav still waits for Swathi. The rest of the part is to be watched on screens.


Aadi scores well with his subtle and natural performance. He is evolving as an actor with each film and Gaalipatam is by far his best role.

Erica looks good and has bagged a decent role, Kristina is impressive in Paru’s role. Rahul Ravindran plays crucial role and he is good.

Pragathi is perfect, Sapthagiri, Posani are entertaining and others including Bharath Reddy, Bhargavi are adequate.

Technical Analysis

Bheems music is entertaining while the cinematography by Bujji is decent. Background score elevates crucial scenes. Dialogues are major asset of the film and Sampath Nandi sure scores with his writing. As a debutant, Naveen Gandhi impresses with his direction. Screenplay is okay and the editing is neat. Production values are good.


As the makers said earlier, Gaalipatam has a bold and novel yet realistic concept that a section of audiences may not agree with. However, director Naveen Gandhi narrates it in entertaining way and the dialogues penned by Sampath Nandi works.

While the first half is passable with focus on entertainment, the second half deals with emotional content and complicated relationships. The interval block raises curiosity on the latter half and the climax is very distinct. The contemporary storyline will be liked by the present generation but an intense and taut screenplay could have made Galipatam much more agreeable. Unnecessary and forced comedy scenes of the Jabardasth batch could have been avoided in the second half.

Despite its own flaws, Gaalipatam offers novelty and is quite different from the regular formulaic movies which will appeal to the current generation.

Final Verdict

Bold concept told in an entertaining way!!!