First RGV and Next Allari Naresh

Posted : April 13, 2013 at 6:34 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Well, do not take it too personal in this comparison. The issue here is about 3D posters used for publicity of 3D movies. Firstly, Ramgopal Varma released the 3D poster of ‘Bhoot Returns’ which was literally a headaching experience to see the poster. Now, Allari Naresh’s ‘action 3d’ flick has got its first 3D poster released on media and this one is also equally and highly painful.

Generally, the depth perception of a 3D picture can be enjoyed only with special lens which we use in theatres while watching a 3D film. When it comes to 3D posters on net or newspapers, the same effect cannot be felt but in turn, audience get confused on what is it the director or producer is willing to explain us. Trial with ‘action 3d’ is also the same. Let us see, how will be the movie once it releases in theatres soon.