First Reaction of NTR @ Buddodu dialogue

Posted : October 10, 2013 at 6:24 am IST by ManaTelugu

The one-liners writer by Harish Shankar has been a sensation. Especially, the popular ‘buddodu’ dialogue that’s been in the first look teaser of this commercial entertainer.

Harish Shankar reveals what prompted him pen such a hard-hitting one-liner. As soon as everyone came to know about Harish-NTR’s combo flick post ‘Gabbar Singh’, Several people began addressing NTR as ‘Buddodu’ while speaking with him and this aspect has irritated him. Feeling it’s not right to call the actor with such a name, Harish has written this dialogue.

When the director showed the dialogue to him for the first time, NTR gave a smile but not even uttered a single word. May he, Tarak too felt there is nothing wrong with the one-liner.

Harish Shankar has the knack of penning dialogues based on how people have perceived the stars all these years and it worked well for him. With in few more hours the true power of his dialogues will be out!