Finally, Pawan Kalyan Secrets Leaked

Posted : March 14, 2014 at 6:56 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Finally, Pawan Kalyan’s secrets are all out. Majorly, the star’s date of birth, which had been a puzzle until recently, is public now. With Pawan Kalyan set to launch his political outfit Jana Sena and applied for its registration, Pawan’s age factor has been unveiled.

According to information provided by Pawan Kalyan to Election Commission, he was born on September 2, 1968 and his age is 46 years. So, Pawan was born in 1968 but not in 1971 as mentioned in his Wikipedia page. Pawan Kalyan has also revealed his assets, liabilities, family details, children (three), properties on the names of his kids, property on the name of his wife (Anna Lezhneva), bank accounts, total cash in hand, etc.So, Pawan has set the record straight that there is nothing to hide from his front. This has cleared all the clouds surrounding Pawan’s life. Hope this will put rest to critiques by his critics.