Finally clarity in Allu Sirish episode!

Posted : June 11, 2013 at 3:10 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Finally the drama ends here. It is not Allu Sirish who was involved in the harassment of a woman DJ in a Hyderabad Pub. Instead, it was his brother Allu Venkatesh (Popularly known as Allu Bobby). The woman DJ’s videographer has released some snapshots of that night. Allu Bobby was mistaken as Allu Sirish that night. The pictures were handed over to media and Police. There are two more people involved in the episode but are yet to be identified. The silent and generally away from the media glare Allu Venkat was the one involved in the brawl and since no one could recognize him, the focus shifted entirely on Allu Sirish who was also present at the pub earlier. Ma Faiza, the woman DJ adds that it was Allu Bobby who kicked the videographer and even threatened to break her legs.

Allu Venkat is the elder of the three brothers and has not ventured into the cinema field in a direct way and was only occasionally visible at his sibling’s movie openings or success parties. “None of my friends and family were involved in that altercation. I don’t even know who the DJ or her videographer friend was. The truth will come out. I am following up with cops about the investigations,” Venkat said.