Film making for Party Ticket

Posted : November 24, 2012 at 12:26 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Currently politics and films are going hand in hand and though this phenomenon is nothing new, now a days industry’s association with politicians is increasing with every passing day. Film makers are of the opinion that if they are in good books of politicians then there won’t be any problems for their businesses in future. However if they aspire to contest for elections on the party ticket, with these contacts then it may not be possible.

Sometime back Chengala Venkatrao made a film with Balakrishna and got TDP MLA ticket in return impressing the hero. Similar is Kodali Nani who made films like Samrakshakudu, Saniihitudu,Samba, Adurus before becoming MLA. However now days have changed.

While Vallabhaneni Vamsi is also planning to take the same route but is having doubts whether Chandra Babu gives green signal as party president or not. However Vamsi is planning to make two to three films with Simha Balakrishna who is currently concentrating on politics with out doing any films. In that way atleast he can make some profits impressing fans.