Female Actors – Reason for Rape?

Posted : January 3, 2013 at 5:52 am IST by ManaTelugu
The current gang-rape of a Delhi girl has been the cause of protests and angst all over the country. The people have taken it to the streets and blamed the government for its failure to have proper functioning of law and order. This incident has also called for a lot of bashing of the system of patriarchy.One of the issues which are doing the rounds is – are the female actors responsible for instigating rapes?
The people who have the view that they are responsible argue that female actors and other nude ladies are projected as a sex doll. They argue that this sort of projection of women must be stopped. They understand that they must be doing so for the purpose of earning their livelihood and in accordance with what the director wants, but this needs to be changed. The approach of objectifying needs to be changed for good.

This incident has also raised issues about conviction in rape cases because the conviction rate is very low and is disproportionate to the frequency of the crime of rape committed in India. This has raised concerns about stricter laws and even death penalty for rapists.