Feasibility of success functions

Posted : October 13, 2012 at 11:45 am IST by ManaTelugu
Now a days tollywood is witness to many success meets, audio celebrations, platinum disc functions. But one will be left wondering how come all these things are possible with in few days even when the film gets below average talk at the box office and cannot be seen in any of the theatres. Many feel even the super success meets will enter into record books if any are there to enter their achievements. Many will be surprised to see with in few moments of release of film’s audios, film unit will be ready with gold discs, platinum discs in star hotels.
Most recently Puri Jagannath’s film consisted of some songs of which only two were listenable but the film celebrated audio success meet. Even those two songs happen to be similar to old hits. Now Lawrence’s music can not be understood by anyone but one wonder even his songs will celebrate platinum disc functions. How come Balakrishna’s film celebrate platinum disc functions. No one can answer these tricky questions as they don’t have any answer.
Film makers seems to be forgetting the fact that success of audio plays only limited part in the final result of the film. This has been proven since long time. Now even item songs are specially caned. For eg Julaayi ‘Pakdo pakdo’ doesn’t fit according to the situation but still forced its way. Film makers come out with their own stats that one or two lakhs CD sales were seen but one gets the question whether there are any takers for CDs after hi fi mobiles.
They should realize that people can not be taken for a ride, and they are laughing at their marketing gimmicks.