Fake Account Abuses Anushka

Posted : November 9, 2013 at 10:48 am IST by ManaTelugu

Popular Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma was abused when a miscreant made foul and derogatory comments against her on Twitter by passing cheap allegations that “she slept with director Anurag Kashyap”

Allegedly “fake account”, on the name of small-time actor Kamal R Khan, tweet reads as, “How much you sleep with Anurag Kashyap. Uska Bistar garam kar ke maja aaya na. Feel bad for you no one is giving you films.. (sic)”

This has raised quite uproar among Anushka and her fans. And Anushka too gave a fitting reply and wrote on her twitter page, “@kamaalrkhan you are such a sad pathetic man … Don’t bother replying in anger … Because I wouldn’t bother … Bless you(sic).”

But soon after Anushka realized that it was a fake account, she apologized to KRK. She then wrote, “I might have tagged the wrong handle..Apologies to kamaal.. But sentiments conveyed to real culprit still stand (sic).

Reacting to Anushka’s apology, loud-mouthed KRK tweeted, “When u r fighting with my fake account hen how you remember my real account to abuse me.UP wali ho chodta hoon but next time? (sic)”

Kamaal is a self-proclaimed actor and critic but well known for spurring up controversies. He is noted for abusing many of Bollywood personalities on twitter. Recently a few of them filed cases against him.

Many are suspecting that KRK might have done it through his fake twitter handle. The big question is why is he not acting against fake twitter account on his name in the first place. Looks like, it gaining publicity by passing cheap comments on celebrities. Whatever, Anushka’s tweet row has created quite flutters in B-town.