‘Extremely Cheap’ – Rana Reacts On Affair

Posted : November 28, 2013 at 6:24 am IST by ManaTelugu

Of late, creating sensationalism has become part and parcel of media houses and that applies a lot to web media. Surprisingly, a website and a leading news paper have come up with a story on actor Daggubati Rana again and linked him with Sandalwood actress Ragini Dwivedi. Check what Rana is saying about this.

The young hunk hero, who is busy with the shooting of his latest flick ‘Rudramadevi’, blasted the media house for becoming a ‘random gossip house’ rather writing the actual. Apparently, the print media section of this house wrote that Rana is dating actress Ragini Dwivedi ever since the duo has first met in Dubai during an awards show. Also they have published a picture showing Rana and Ragini hugging each other and self clicking. Rana reacted on the gossip this way.

‘You take a random pic from an award rehearsal session and make news out of it. Extremely cheap! You’re a reputed newspaper not a random gossip house’, exclaimed Rana. As the news questioned why our hunk hero is frequently visiting Bangalore other than the fact that he is meeting this hot heroine, Rana explained. ‘I’m there to Bangalore to meet my sister who lives there’, he concludes. That’s the story folks!