Entire episode of Cherry’s on TOI

Posted : May 9, 2013 at 7:40 pm IST by ManaTelugu
The roadside brawl between ramcharan, his security guards and a software techie Phanish Adivi who was assaulted at Taj Krishna hasn’t got any clarity till now even after Phanish has withdrawn the complaint filed in Banjara Hills PS. The leading daily of Times of India published entire episode of what happened on that particular day and particular time from the perspective of victim Phanish Adivi.

Here it is. ‘On my way from Kondapur to Dilsukhnagar, I reached the Taj Krishna junction. There was a lot of traffic and we slowed down. We heard incessant honking from a car behind us. As there was huge traffic jam, we could not move on. I don’t even know who was in the car. When finally we moved on after traffic clearance, the car drove past and I saw it was ramcharan and a lady besides him. He overtook us and stepped down to yell at us. I tried to explain him about the traffic jam but he started abusing me without making any sense. I tried to him explain that I did not stop his car deliberately.

When the abuses and cuss words continued, I lost my cool. Then ramcharan stopped his car in middle of road in front of my car making a traffic jam. As I did not want an argument with, I stood silent in my car. In no time, I saw four men running towards me with walkie-talkies started beating me up. I could not do anything and they punched me, tore my shirt. When a friend of mine came to rescue, he too was beaten up. On seeing me, ramcharan stepped into car and threatened to mow me down. In the mean time media personnel helped me to head for Panjugutta PS and then to Banjara Hills PS for filing a complaint.

My family is worried because even if I file a complaint, there is nothing to be done to ramcharan because I am an ordinary, middle-class, family man and an employee of a private company while ramcharan is a star and son of a Union Minister. They have money and power,’ Phanish said.