Dwarampudi deletes Congress !

Posted : January 15, 2013 at 1:35 am IST by ManaTelugu
Kakinada city MLA Dwarampudi Chandra Sekhar reddy has announced his resignation to Congress party. After the split of Jagan from Congress party into YSR CP, Congress party started harassing Y.S.R’s family, because of which he is no longer interested to continue in dishonest Congress party, he reasoned. He commented that Congress party has failed in implementing the Y.S.R’s policies. If TDP comes with no confidence motion on Congress, he is ready to give his support he said. So he confirmed that he is not resigning to his position in assembly but just to Congress party.

ChandraSekharreddy announced that he is going to join YSR CP party along with his followers. He suggested Chandra babu to stop his Padha yatras and come up with a no confidence motion on the government where he is ready to be on the side of TDP against the Congress. Along with Chandra Sekhar reddy, the ex corporators and counselors joined YSR CP party.