Doubts on Gopichand Sahasam

Posted : July 20, 2013 at 1:26 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Finally, hero Gopichand has scored a hit after ages and that too not with a routine formulaic flick. Everyone is busy saying that marriage brought him luck, but the hero however feels that director Chandrasekhar Yeleti should get the credit.

Anyway, reports from production house indicate that the movie ‘Sahasam’ is about reach break even in terms of collections. So far, this flick has collected around 7 crores across the world. The biggest question now is about the actual budget of this flick. Prior to the release of the flick, it is much hyped that the move touched around 20-25 crores of budget. But now, with producers saying that they are getting break even soon, it sounds like the budget is around 13-15 crores. Looking at the way, Sahasam is shot and made, one thing is clear that all the costly VFX part is done by Reliance studios itself and that is why they took share in distribution. But what is the need for makers to bloat up the budget during promotion stages?

Cine observers felt that makers of ‘Sahasam’ want to earn that sympathy from other big producers by quoting huge unrecoverable budget and get more theatres with much release gaps. But hero Gopichand has never revealed any budget figure, and often stated that the movie is made in keeping his market range in view. But what is the real budget Mr Hero?