Posted : December 23, 2013 at 7:24 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Who said, Sid and Sam are just good friend and nothing more to their relationship since Sam reportedly demanded more money from Bellamkonda, to act opposite his son Srinivas, since producer Suresh, didn’t settle dues of Sid for his work in “Jabhardhast”.

Usualy, if a film is a disaster, the hero and heroine’s and others don’t demand ‘balance amount’ if any in their remuneration, considering the pathetic position of the producer, but Sam was unwilling spare the producer and got her pound of flesh. She reportedly added 40 laksh to her already decided remuneration of Rs. 1.25 crore and now she would be taking home Rs. 1.65 crores according to the revised agreement reached between the producer and actress and she happily alloted bulk dates and also visiting blind school along with producer Suresh, showing that they have patched up their issues. For Suresh, he had no choice, than to cough up the extra sum, because, he wanted his son to have a blockbuster and two top heroines Tammanha and Samanatha, opposite him, would generate lot of hype for his son Srinivas debut film.

What T-town filmmakers, should be learn about this episode – Don’t illtreat or overlook Siddharth, because you have to pay it back with Samantha, so whoever wants Sam, should behave well with Sid. What you say, Sammm.