DMK drowns Telangana region

Posted : March 20, 2013 at 1:00 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Whenever Telangana people or its representatives expect some sort of statement from the center which will assuage their feelings, suddenly some developments happen pushing Center to a corner. Earlier Hyderabad Bomb Blasts occured and previously Mamata Bannerjee’s TMC triumphed over Telangana and now DMK by pulling out of UPA, drowned entire telangana region.

It is a known fact that DMK party is playing politics linking Srilankan tamil cause to enhance its popularity in Tamil Nadu and doesn’t want any elections. Karunanidi himself made it clear.

However one wonder the link between Srilanka and Telangana. Cong and UPA are just playing games and enacting dramas and TRS when it wanted to target T representatives making them a laughing stock, T MPs are helpless as their hands are tied. T MPs showed its enunch nature as TRS alleges by letting all projects,gas and other resources go to other states robbing telangana people of their right.