Dirty delights in Tollywood

Posted : December 1, 2012 at 6:55 am IST by ManaTelugu
The sensational lady who even make the TRP ratings of the channels risen up and the circulation of newspapers too. She is Tara Chowdary. Now it seems like she is going to rise up the box office collections too with a script out of her life. Yes, there is a movie being planned on the life of Tara Chowdary. Though Tara is nowhere related to the film personally it is all about just her stories and news in the media. Pakistani lanky beauty Vina Malik is going to do the role of Tara in the film who was in news few weeks back that she is being intimate with a producer. Tara became popular with the CDs she released which contain the romantic conversations of many politicians and police officers with Tara which were even telecasted in TV channels. She used to capture these audio and video clippings of celebrities and popular personalities, who used to come to her place with secret cameras and mikes and she was even alleged for encouraging prostitution in her house and cheating many girls with the bait of movie offers.