Director Earning Crores Using Telangana ?

Posted : November 24, 2013 at 4:06 am IST by ManaTelugu

Posing as a staunch Telangana activist and saviour of Telangana people working in Telugu Film Industry, Director N Shankar is amassing crores of rupees from a time, says another Telangana based Film director. Accusing N Shankar as a traitor cashing on the sentiments of T-people, director Prem Raj made some strong accusations today before burning his effigy in front of Film Chamber.

After burning the effigy of N Shankar in front of film chamber by calling him as Mr 420, director Prem Raj who made movies like Charmi’s Nagaram Nidrapotunna Vela and Asha Shaini’s Aaksasam Lo Sagam, breathed fire today. Speaking with media, Prem Raj stated that N Shankar is using T-sentiment to blackmail producers and distributors, and is blocking the releases of big movies of Andhra heroes, recently Thoofan, in T-region only to bargain money.

‘Shankar earned crores by making the movie Jai Bolo Telangana. But he cheated T-JAC and other T-leaders without spending income from that flick on betterment of T-people, but saved crores in his pocket’, Prem Raj accused. ‘He is literally blackmailing producers of movies that feature Andhra heroes and earning huge money. Also Shankar is planning to build a studio in Hyderabad and Vizag too’, Prem Raj added. Also he ruled out the possibility of Shankar making a film with Kamal Haasan, and felt that it was a ploy to attract investors and dupe them.

But why is Prem Raj revealing all this suddenly? What has he done when movies like Thoofan are being stopped by Shankar? Prem Raj says, ‘We have all felt Shankar is an intelligent and accepted him as our leader. But we are unable to withstand his crooked politics and money grabbing methods now’.