Dil Raju Stuck between Mahesh and Charan

Posted : November 5, 2013 at 6:41 am IST by ManaTelugu

It is hard for anybody to please everybody and it gets even tougher in film industry. Especially when one have good relations with either sides it will be a huge problem to not to hurt anyone of them. Dil Raju is caught in such situation yet again. He had to release SVSC along with Nayak for last Pongal although he was not willing to do that.

Dil Raju is a top film distributor and he knows every benefit and disadvantage of film business. He doesn’t like to release his films against a big opponent as it is not good for both the parties. However, one has to compromise and do according to the hero’s or his fans wish. Luckily Nayak and SVSC both have struck gold at the box office and Dil Raju didn’t face ire of anybody.
Once again he is stuck between Mahesh and Ram Charan. This time he is the producer of Charan’s Yevadu and he is under pressure to release this film for Pongal against 1. Pongal being a good season that can accommodate two big films, fans and Charan’s well wishers want Yevadu to clash with 1, so that it will get extra craze and raise the expectations. Dil Raju is not interested in this clash and is planning to release Yevadu for Christmas. Nothing has been finalized yet but Yevadu has high chances to clash with 1 for coming Pongal, says the buzz.