Digvijay rapport with both Jagan and KCR

Posted : June 18, 2013 at 6:39 pm IST by ManaTelugu
The minute Digvijay Singh was brought in, replacing Ghulam Nabi Azad as in-charge of AP Congress affairs, speculations started doing the rounds.

Digvijay was known to be very close to the then Chief Minister Dr. Y S Rajasekhara Reddy. It was he who gave access to the late CM to the Congress High Command.

Now why was he brought in again? This is the question biting the minds of not only Congress leaders, but also the leaders of other parties in the state.

Digvijay Singh is incidentally very close to the Congress vice president and the prime ministerial candidate Rahul Gandhi. Because of his vast experience as the former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh and as the top strategist of the party, Rahul has taken him into his inner circle. As he had also worked in Andhra Pradesh and is aware of the terrain and the leaders, Rahul is heavily depending on the stalwart to solve the AP mess.

But things in AP got far too complicated after YSR’s death. The Telangana tangle on one side and the Jagan factor on the other have been worrying the Congress High Command. With this, those who know Sonia Gandhi are aware that it was she who has been pulling back all the efforts to create Telangana and none else. At one stage she even told people in her inner circle that she would not mind even losing AP state.

But Rahul is keen on retaining AP. This is the reason why he brought back Digvijay into AP scene say sources. Digvijay coordinated well with YSR and contributed to strengthening of the party.

Digvijay is also close to the TRS chief K Chandrasekhara Rao. Congress High Command now wants to use his goodwill with both Jagan and KCR to bring the party back to power, though not in the state, at the centre.

It is being said that Rahul was keen on bringing Jagan back into Congress fold. If that was not possible, then he wants some working arrangement with him. Same is the case with the TRS also. Congress and TRS could fight the elections together with an understanding of a future coalition partnership.

It is in the context of building rapport with both Jagan and KCR that Digvijay was brought into the scene say sources. KVP Rama Chandra Rao, also known as a master strategist, is being used in mending both Jagan and KCR, say sources. It is learnt that Digvijay had already had one round of discussions with KVP about how to go about softening both Jagan and KCR. In the days to come, it is being said that KVP-Digvijay combo would finalize the strategies and make plans for a win-win situation for the Congress, in the 2014 elections.