Did KCR dreamt of having entire ‘T-Cake’?

Posted : September 27, 2012 at 12:43 pm IST by ManaTelugu

When former Union Home Minister Chidambaram announced his mid night decision on formation of telangana, entire representatives from telangana and its people celebrated it with great joy. Cong leaders went ahead and hailed the decision of their ‘Amma’ Sonia saying it was her birthday presentation from her who but AP-Cake giving ‘T-Cake’ to telangana people and ‘SA-cake’ to seemandhra people.

These comments itself added fuel to fire in the hearts of seemandhra people who questioned how can Andhra Pradesh be treated as a cake and be cut according to whims and fancies of Sonia Gandhi. Now it seems KCR who is dreaming of having entire T-cake and eating it too without giving due share to other players in the region is turning out to be the villain who is putting spanners in the formation of telangana.
For the past 20 days KCR has been in Delhi and he met many top leaders of Cong High Command and came up with merger proposal if Cong comes up with announcement of Telangana state. It seems however though Cong responded favorably for all the demands KCR dreamt of having entire T-cake with out giving due share to others. He seems to have demanded that he be made CM of Telangana and also key portfolios for his party people. This irked Cong who agreed to offer more than what it could and when they came to know the adamant nature of KCR its leaders started giving anti telangana statements.
Had KCR followed give and take policy there could have been Telangana announcement.