Did he take potshots at Rajamouli?

Posted : September 13, 2014 at 7:26 pm IST by ManaTelugu


What was the need for the writer-turned-director K S Ravindra(Bobby) to take potshots at leading Telugu filmmaker S S Rajamouli in his film “Power” by claiming that ‘two similar looking people’ (remember Vikramarkudu) can only be  seen in cinema and not in real-life (through the dialogues of Prakash Raj) or its a satire on all double and triple actions movies in Telugu cinema per se. Doesn’t the debutant director know that commercial filmmakers take some ‘cinematic liberties’ to reach out to masses and designed two or three roles, to satiate the feelings of their respective fans and also to contrasting shades of a single star.

Ironically, debutant director who is hugely inspired by “Vikramarkudu” (only few could deny it) like fun and serious characterization of Mass Maharaja and hero avenging the abuse of cop’s wife and also cop’s death, in Rajamouli’s blockbuster. So its better for young director to comment others, if had done anything original, and also takes his own set of liberties (like outdated amnesia) to justify dual role, instead of commenting the works of seasoned makers.