Dharmana puts CM in a bind

Posted : September 13, 2012 at 4:35 am IST by ManaTelugu
Minister Dharmana Prasada Rao who tendered his resignation to CM Kiran following inclusion of his name in CBI charge sheet in VANPIC case is putting Kiran in a mind. Kiran did not accept the resignation for the fear that if he accepts Dharmana’s resignation then he should follow the same rule in case of other ministers who are facing some allegations and court proceedings. However Dharmana, seeking solace on moral high grounds stopped attending cabinet meetings. Ghulam Nabi Azad, the state incharge tried to solve the issue asking him to attend cabinet meets as CM Kiran did not accept his resignation.
Here Dharmana showed his keen political acumen and demanded Ghulam Nabi Azad, as statement from CM Kiran refusing his resignation on the whole issue so that he can start discharging his duties. But CM Kiran feels that since he did not accept his resignation, it shows that he believes that Dharmana did not commit any mistake. Kiran is of the opinion that if he issues a statement that Dharmana did not make any mistake, and in future if CBI moves ahead to arrest him, then it will be a severe jolt to the Govt which he can not afford to at present.
In the midst of all this CM Kiran decided to send notice to Dharmana seeking his explanation on the CBI letter which sought CM’s approval to proceed against him. If he sends the note, this will be first in the history of entire India, that a minister has been asked to explain. Normally explanations are sought from Govt officials by sending notices to them.