Devaraya Movie Review – 2/5

Posted : December 7, 2012 at 1:09 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Rating: 2/5
Starring: Srikanth,Meenakshi Dikshit,Vidisha
Director: Nani Krishna
Producer: Kiran Jakkam Shetty,Nani Krishna
Banner: Sun Ray International
Music: Chakri


Dorababu (Srikanth), a rich village guy lives life in a happy way enjoying with friends. He tries to impress Swapna (Vidisha), who comes to see his grand father (Ranganath) in the village and the latter reciprocates to him seeing his good nature. In the meantime, (Sivaji Raja) an archaeologist discovers some items belonging to Sri Kirshna Devaraya in Godavari Delta and with the help of Ranganath, tries to investigate further and he trieds to translate a diary which conveys that there is a connection between Dora Babu and Lord Krishna Devaraya? What is this connection and what happens next form the rest of the story.


Actor Srikanth has tried to convince in the role of Lord Krishna Devaraya while he has done Dora Babu kind of roles earlier. He took care on the diction and dialogue delivery but the script does not help him anyway.

Vidisha is good and glamorous in the film while Meenakshi Dixit is weak in her expressions. Balayya, Sivaji Raja, MS Narayana, Ranganath filled the screen with their notable performances.

Technical Analysis

Chakri’s musical scores fails to please while the background score is loud. Cinematography by Poorna is fine and Nani Krishna’s direction is poor. Screenplay had lots of loophole while the editing is pathetic and dialogues by Veerababu are poor. Production values are okay.


Devaraya is based on socio-fantasy story but the plot is poorly scripted and the story never takes off in the first half. It takes off in the second half and then too many songs in the film hinder the flow and the placement is terrible. Logic has gone for a toss big-time and the director needs to be blamed for it. The admirers of Krishna Devaraya might disappoint with the film with the flaws and the illogical proceedings. Choosing a glorious king like Krishna Devaraya and showcasing him with a love affair with a dancer may not gel well with audiences. The climax is very poorly shot.

Final Verdict

It’s hard for Devaraya to sustain at the Box-Office.