December good time for small films

Posted : November 20, 2012 at 6:21 am IST by ManaTelugu
Making of small films is an enigma. Taking a low budget film is one thing and getting it released is another thing. It is an ordeal to come out of the entire process successfully. Because small film makers will not find any buyers,distributors and even theaters won’t be available for screening that easily.

Film makers of high budget films with high profile star cast, top heroes book record number of theaters even before the release of their film resulting in non availability of theaters for small films. It is a different matter that top heroes films get postponed continuously for some or the other reason. Even when a low budget film is running successfully with decent collections theaters will take off the film if a top hero film is about to release. So small films, its star cast,producer,director and technicians will not get their due recognition.

However the sucess of Ee Rojullo,Oka Romantic Crime Katha,Mem Vayasuku Vachcham,Bus Stop changed the scenario a little bit with distributors getting ready to release small films. Analysts say december is the good month to release small films as the month may not see the release of star heroes films. They advocate that with careful planning if a small film is released in december, it can achieve success.