Debate: Pawanism or Womanism?

Posted : December 31, 2013 at 7:24 pm IST by ManaTelugu

2013 is ending with a biggest debate in tinsel town – Pawanism or Womanism? After Pawan Kalyan entered wedlock for the third time after dating a Russian lady Anna Lezhneva and reportedly having a baby girl, the huge debate on Pawanism has come to the fore. Naturally, the credibility of Pawanism is at stake with many accusations, brickbats from anti-fans. Not just Pawan’s anti-fans but many rationalists are questioning, What does Pawanism implies? What does it preach to youth of this generation? Considering Pawan’s stature and massive fan following, Is it sending wrong signals on relationships and women? There are many unanswered questions in this regard.

While Pawan’s hardcore fans strongly backing Power Star and his third marriage and terming it as his “personal” issue, his anti-fans using it as a weapon to knock down his fans. Fans continue to argue that Pawan’s personal life has nothing to do with his ideology for nation, society. Recently, Pawan Kalyan too set the record straight. He said, “I don’t know what Pawanism exactly means. To me, fans are Pawanism. What I believe is living for nation and bothering about society is Pawanism.”

Whereas, Opponents point out that there is no specific agenda for Pawanism. They say, it’s too much hyped subject and generalized as “living for society, nation”. A person who claims to be fan of none of the heroes asks straightly, “What are the particular ways they (Pawan’s fans) practice to reach their goal? What are their targets? How do they help people? In what way they are living for society? How many of them don’t breach traffic rules and don’t jump signals?” He adds that there is no need a special day to celebrate Pawanism (October 11).

As of now, the huge debate on Pawanism continuing in every nook and corner of the State.The one big question propping everyone is: Will Pawanism survive out of Womanism accusations? Or will it loses its weight? Well, only time will answer these questions. And we leave it to you to decide.