Death of leaders leaving TDP in doldrums

Posted : November 3, 2012 at 7:41 am IST by ManaTelugu
Andhra Pradesh’s leading opposition party TDP which is looking for a resurgence with its President Chandra Babu Naidu prestigiously taking on 117day padayatra received huge jolt when one of itsd top leader, polit bureau member , former Union Minister Yerrran Naidu passed away in a tragic road accident. It was a huge irreparable loss to the party, reflected in CBN’s statements that he lost his right hand. During NTR’s regime he enjoyed superstardom in the party along with his son in laws. However once CBN took over the reigns his shine decreased a bit.
After CBN took over the party reigns, TDP went into doldrums as top leaders like Balayogi, Madhav Reddy lost their lives in accidents. While Balayogi lost his life in a helicopter crash, Madhav Reddy was shot dead by Naxals. Even Paritala Ravi, Devineni Uma lost their lives in a tragic manner. After Madhav Reddy’s death, TDP hasn’t seen another powerful leader in telangana. It has to be seen how the party will come out of this tragic situation when its opponents are out to wipe out the party in from the political map of the state. AP’s politics is undergoing  lot of change and it has to be seen where it will lead to.