Danam angry over TDP ?

Posted : March 30, 2013 at 3:05 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Labor Minister Danam Nagendar has asked the YSRCP members as to why they tolerated criticism by TDP supremo against late chief minister YSR in the Assembly during discussion on no-confidence motion. He said he didn�t keep quiet listening to the criticism of TDP against Dr YSR.

Speaking to the media at CLP office here on Saturday, Danam said he was always a fan of Dr YSR. He said the Congress party did not remove the portrait of Dr YSR from the CLP office because they have great admiration for Dr YSR. He said the TDP criticism on Dr YSR pained him a lot.

He said his response would have been different when the TDP criticized Dr YSR if he was not in a responsible position. He said he came out from the House as he was not able to digest criticism against Dr YSR.

Nagendar alleged that the prevailing power crisis in the State was due to the faulty policies of the previous TDP government. He said the TDP leaders resorted to indefinite hunger strike to clean themselves up from the power sins. He advised the TDP leaders to recollect themselves about power movements during their regime.

Danam alleged the then TDP government headed by Chandrababu Naidu had killed farmers who agitated against power tariff hike. He said it was not proper on the part of the TDP to confuse the farmers instead of giving constructive suggestions as the government was striving to solve the power crisis. He also said there was nothing wrong on the part of the Ministers for going foreign tours and made it clear that the Ministers went to Russia with their own expenditure for their own works.