‘Damarukam’ on mission ‘Eega’

Posted : September 13, 2012 at 4:53 am IST by ManaTelugu
Tollywood Jakkana creation ‘Eega’ might have signed off on a high note from silver screen across the world but everyone knew the lasting impression it created on movie lovers. Still people and kids rave about ‘Eega’ and many have already made up their mind to watch the film’s 3D version as and when it hits the screens.
In the mean time King Nag is coming with powerful ‘Damarukam’ in hand along with Anushka and he says his mission is to erase ‘Eega’ memories from the minds of people. Speaking at the audio launch he said that ‘Damarukam’ will erase ‘Eega’ from the memories of movie lovers. He said ‘Damarukam’ special effects will be thousand times more better and extravagant than ‘Eega’ which set the trend for others to follow.
One wonder why Nag with his ‘Damarukam’ is targeting ‘Eega’. Many feel since he spoke about Damarukam on a high note it wont be the fault of movie lovers if they start dissecting each and every scene of Damarukam with that of Eega before passing their judgement. Expectations will increase enormously with may or may not work in its favor. It has to be seen whether ‘Damarukam’ will be successful on its mission ‘Eega’.