Damarukam in dumps!

Posted : October 29, 2012 at 2:43 pm IST by ManaTelugu
King Nagarjuna’s much awaited socio fantasy wonder ‘Damarukam’ created ripples couple of weeks back when its release dates were announced. Movie lovers and analysts waited with bated breath for the spectacular show down between Nagajuna’s ‘Damarukam’ and Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Cameraman Gangato Rambabu’. However Damarukam got postponed and many at that time felt that it was Power Star mania that prompted film makers to postpone the release of the film. Even when Cameraman was struck with controversy, Damarukam film makers did not dare to release the film prompting speculations that Damarukam has been left in dumps.

It was even rumored that King Nagarjuna also lost interest in the project and is concentrating on his romantic entertainer ‘Love Story’ and ‘Bhai’. Film analysts point out that it was the fault of RR.Movie Makers who plunged into losses with its funds stuckup in other projects which resulted in the delay in the project and leading to uncertainty over the future of the film. Many started speculating on the rift between producer and director vis a vis Nagarjuna.

Srinivas Reddy who directed the film said in a tense tone ‘I am shocked to hear the false stories circulated in media. When they are reporting of Rs. 15 Crores spent just on graphics, I can’t bear that. We have just invested Rs. 6 to 7 Crores. It is our wonderful planning and execution of Firefly team we came out with good quality in least budget. Others could have easily spend double than us for the same outcome. Even there are no differences between any of our producer R. Venkat, hero Nagarjun and my self,’