Damarukam diminishes Nag’s power

Posted : November 24, 2012 at 7:21 am IST by ManaTelugu
King Nagarjuna’s socio fantasy entertainer Damarukam hit the screens today across the world with much fan fare. The film lived up to the expectations doling out delightful graphics and VFX treat for more than 40 minutes as promised by the film makers. Surely its value for money for movie lovers. To the top of it Anushka’s amazing beauty and Charmi’s captivating charm as Sakku Bai thrilled all.

However there is a feeling that Lord Shiva’s all powerful Damarukam diminished King Nagarjuna’s power. Nag himself during persistent delays felt that Lord Shiva’s approval was not there at that time. Now it seems the same happened as Damarukam is full of Ravi Shankar’s awesome performance as Andhakasura overshadowing all others. Even Arundhati Anushka paled in comparision in front of him.

Nag’s role is subdued and is only passive and many wondered how suddenly he gained power to fight the might of Andhakasura who even got a boon from Lord Shiva that he will not come in his way of his deadly mission. Director Srinivasa Reddy’s script could have been finetuned a little bit so that Anushka who was born with Goddess Parvathi’s prowess and Nagarjuna’s devotion gain some power when they met which enables them to tackle all powerful Andhakasura.

It is surely food for thought for Srinivas Reddy.