Dad Forced Me To Do: Lakshmi Manchu

Posted : September 27, 2013 at 6:09 am IST by ManaTelugu

Mohan Babu has shot off  letter asking Telugu film industry celebs to refrain from attending 100 years of Indian Cinema celebrations but his daughter and son, Lakshmi and Manoj, attended the event. So, it felt like the daughter and son have actually went against their father. Let’s hear the truth from horse’s mouth.

Lakshmi Manchu jumps high, touching the ceiling, for being a representative of Telugu cinema at Chennai event, the 100 years of Indian Cinema celebrations. ‘My father forced me and Manoj to attend the event as he don’t want Telugu cinema to let down’, says Lakshmi, reacting on the happening. ‘Initially we coordinated with everyone including Charan, Bunny,  Anushka and Tamanna to put up a good show, but as MAA cancelled the whole show-put, we have stopped everything’, she added.

It still couldn’t be understood as to why Mohan Babu asked everyone to boycott the event, and then sent his daughter to represent Tollywood. Anyway, Tollywood’s contribution at the event is quite low and also the event turns out to be a flop show.