Cyclone consolations-no rehabilitations

Posted : November 5, 2012 at 12:55 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Cyclone Nilam wreaked havoc in coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh and while many people are displaced losing everything and waiting eagerly for Govt aid, officials are looking at the other side. With CM flying to Delhi and others following suit to wrest power from each other, people are left in lurch to suffer on their own. Opposition parties who are waiting for right opportunity to criticize Govt are flying to the cyclone hit areas to console people.
TDP President Chandra Babu cancelled his Vastunna Meekosam and landed in the coastal districts to console people. Even YSRCP president Vijayamma is following suit and many more may land in the coming days. Many expected PM Manmohan to visit the cyclone affected areas but he is waiting for green signal from his Madame Sonia Gandhi. CM Kiran will also make an arial survey and decide on the losses.
Everyone will console the effected people but many feel that they think that their job is completed by mere consolations. However no one will care about the rehabilitations which is more important than consolations. Officials who have to act fast and make proper use of funds will be eager to fill their own pockets.