Courage of Jagan shaking Cong?

Posted : January 2, 2013 at 5:50 am IST by ManaTelugu
As soon as YSR Cong party was established Jagan went to jail,the year 2012 will  remain  as how the jail life will be to jagan,on may 27’th 2012 when jagan was arrested from that particular day Jagan lawyers  were fighting for bail in supreme court and in different courts,for this the main reason might be his cases that was filed on him so he need  to still remain in jail in this year 2013 also,CBI saying is excluding seaport and vanpic there were six cases in which financial fraud has been took part,and in this six cases investigation is still in process,for this reason including supreme court and in various courts his bail peteition has been rejected and he has to remain in cell,in this current situation jagan has celebrated his birthday around the four walls of jail.
Jagan and his father late YS Rajashekar reddy  has jointly conducted fraud  to makeHuge profits to his investors for this reason he was arrested,in this current situation theYsr congress party workers has submitted a letter mentioning behind jagan’s arrest there Might be big fraud involved as without showing  proper proof  CBI  has arrested jagan including this letter and they have detached 1 crore signature collection along this letter and handed over to president Pranab Mukherji,on jagan’s birthday (i,e) on Dec 21’st the Ysr cong party workers have started the program.on the other hand jagan has decided to turnoff his negative shade to positive,in this regard in 2012 May for assembly bi-elections to win his party side MLA’s he has prepared his mother YS Vijayamma and his beloved sister YS Sharmila in to election campaign,in this regard his party won the 15 seats overall to 18 seats and has proved a strong opposition party  after TDP,when Naidu get set for paadayatra in “Mee Kosam” he has prepared his beloved sister YS Sharmila for Paadayatra for attracting the crowd to his party and put an check to Naidu.

 For coming 2014 assembly elections YSR Cong Party has strong chances to win in this regard lot of ruling congress party leaders and opposition party TDP leaders are Jumping in to YSR Congress party and they have became YSRCP strong followers.