Corrupted goons are becoming YSR-C leaders

Posted : July 10, 2013 at 2:17 pm IST by ManaTelugu
If we have to go by the words of Congress MP V Hanumantha Rao, various stories created by media on Jagan are actually influencing youth in a negative way. After breathing fire for the involvement of a YSR-C party member in 7 Crore ATM heist and murder, VH responded this way.

‘This guy Sridhar Reddy murdered a security guard and looted 7 Crore, and invested 3 crores in party. Another woman named Mallika from Vizag duped many  people with fake money and is investing that in party. So, Sharmila’s Paada Yaatra is being run with Sinner’s money’, said V Hanumantha Rao today. The Rajyasabha MP felt that TV Channels are playing keyrole in creating negative influence on people with their ‘exaggerated’ stories on Jagan.  ‘When Jagan comes out of jail you will air a big story, when he goes inside, another story. When he meets someone, another story. When he fires someone, another new story. All these stories are influencing youths to commit crimes and sit in jail, such that they will get coverage in media’, quipped VH on media acts.

YSR-C MLAs are however heard preparing their loud mouth Ambati Rambabu to condemn all medias and politicians that are busy saying that corrupted goons are becoming YSR-C leaders in the wake of ATM murder and fake note lady’s arrest.