Corporate Hospitals royal treatment for Politicians

Posted : January 13, 2013 at 7:11 pm IST by ManaTelugu
A leading Hollywood actor went to a small town, and walked  into a small hotel there to have his lunch. There he found to his pleasant surprise that the bearer was a popular ex-actor.  After pleasantries the current actor asked the ex-actor what he would recommend.  The ex-actor was very indignant, and said scornfully : SIR, NO DOUBT I WORK HERE, BUT, THANK GOD, I NEVER EAT HERE!

Mr Akbaruddin Owaisi was in London recently, and he confessed that it was to get medical treatment there.  Owaisi family runs a beautiful Super Speciality Hospital, and the claim is that they run it to serve the poor.  There was a clamor recently that the famous Mahaveer Hospital run by the Jain community should be handed over to the Owaisis throwing out the Jains who have been running it successfully for the past several years.  The Owaisis want to serve the “Muslim” poor in the Mahaveer Hospital area.  It is believed that one compelling  reason for the rift between MIM and Congress was the reluctance of Kiran Kumar Reddy, the Chief Minister, to throw out the Jains simply to allow Owaisi family to expand their clout, and this led to the severance of ties.  There is in Logic a concept : Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc   (after this, therefore, due to this ) which is considered as a fallacy.  We see before us that there were several Police cases pending for several years against Owaisi : a warrant was issued for his arrest by one of the courts which was never executed (We recall that a non-bailable warrant was issued some years back against the Shahi Imam Bukhari of Delhi;  as everybody knows,  the Court dared tissue the warrant, but the Police got cold feet : something like Man Proposes, But God Disposes), after the breakup of the alliance, Owaisi is in hot waters. But whatever it is, the Owaisi Super Speciality Hospital is not fit enough to treat Akbaruddin;  it is only for the POOR people.

Coming back to the Political greats, it is common knowledge that they never trust the local doctors or hospitals.  VP Singh the ex-PM got himself treated in UK for his dialysis etc.  Sonia Gandhi makes a bee line to USA for treatment of her ailments – we do not even know what those are. (Compare this with what the SEC in USA did when Steve Jobs, the APPLE COMPUTER head was ill and details were not furnished.  The SEC ordained that full disclosure should be made in the interests of the shareholders of Apple Company)  Zail Singh, our own NTR also set the precedent.  Vajpayee trusted the facilities in India, but then imported the Doctor from USA to treat him.  It is ironic that while people from abroad are flocking to Indian Hospitals hailing India as the Medical Tourism Mecca, our politicians are creating the Reverse Patient Drain.  To his credit however the TRS leader Jayashankar stuck to his Warangal Hospital till the last breath.  In contrast, KCR was mortally afraid of attention even in Khammam Hospital and desperately managed to get himself shifted to Hyderabad.  They claim that it is politics,  We have to wait and watch whether , if and when, God Forbid, the KCR family requires hospitalization, they would trust their Telengana Doctors and Hospitals or whether they would promptly take a flight overseas.  While our people are promptly running abroad when sick, the fact remains that several of the leading Specialists in all fields of medicine in foreign Hospitals are Indian only. This confirms the old adage : Perati Chettu Manduku Paniki Raddu ( The medicinal plant in our own backyard is not fit to cure us)