Cops come to Rajamouli’s rescue

Posted : July 26, 2013 at 1:17 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Rajamuoli has been facing a lot of issues ever since he began working for his big ticket entertainer ‘Bahubali’. The first and foremost is the safety of the actors during the training and shooting with horses.

Especially after Rana’s injury to which doctors reacted that he was lucky to get away with minor injuries as such falls will result in 6-7 fractures, Rajamouli is concerned about the safety of his actors as a single big injury could spoil the entire shooting schedule. As a remedy to this problem, he is now hiring trained police personnel who are good at horse riding for some risky sequences in the movie.

Rajamouli hasn’t faced any such issues at the time of Magadheera as Ram Charan is a well trained horse rider. Even the first question he asked the actor before narrating the script is whether he knew horse riding and began the narration only after he said ‘Yes’.

As ‘Bahubali’ is period drama, Actors riding the horses is a must during the war-field sequences. The trained cops will come to the rescue of Rajamouli by replacing the actors as body-doubles in some of the spine-chilling stunts that would be shot in the coming months.